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Tuesday Brew Day: Rusty Dog Coffee

  • 1 min read

Rusty Dog Coffee Tuesday Brew Day

For our post-Thanksgiving Tuesday Brew Day, we brewed a batch of delicious fair trade organic coffee from Rusty Dog Coffee on our pistachio KBGV Select 

The single origin Guatemala Asprocdegua has tasting notes of pecan, apple, cherry and cane sugar. A medium City roast, this bourbon varietal thrives at an altitude between 1600 – 2200m in Huehuetenango and San Marcos, Guatemala. Grown, produced and washed by a coffee producing organization founded by a master cupper named Noe Quintero, these coffee beans are grown on small farms which also produce bananas and citrus fruit.  

For a chance to win a bag of this coffee, follow Moccamaster USA on Instagram for all the details. 

Rusty Dog Coffee Tuesday Brew Day Pour

Rusty Dog’s mission is simply to share their passion for freshly roasted coffee beans. RDC strives to deliver the freshest locally roasted coffee in Madison, WI and they have a good time doing it. Owned and operated by Tom, Manny and Tony, you can be assured these guys have a smile on their face making their coffee every day. 

Rusty Dog Coffee Photo by Azena Photography
Photo by: Azena Photography

Having recently won a Best of Madison 2021 award from Madison Magazine, Rusty Dog Coffee has become a favorite amongst the locals for their fantastic coffee. 

In addition to locally-roasted coffee, they also offer teas, gear, swag and coffee equipment through their official website.  

Rusty Dog Coffee Photo by Azena Photography
Photo by: Azena Photography

Visit Rusty Dog Coffee: