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Tuesday Brew Day: Overwinter Coffee

  • 1 min read

Overwinter Coffee Tuesday Brew Day

It’s Tuesday Brew Day of Thanksgiving week for Team Moccamaster USA, and we wanted to take a step back to reflect on a wonderful year so far. Using our Rose Gold KBGV Select brewer, we whipped up a fresh, flavorful batch of single origin Ethiopian roast from Overwinter Coffee.  

“The Blueberry” is aptly named with distinct blueberry tasting notes that you can smell right when you open the bag and all the way through the brewing process. With hints of vanilla and butterscotch combined with the robust blueberry flavor, it's almost like drinking a liquid blueberry pop tart! 

This heirloom varietal is sourced from Worka Chelbesa, Gedio, Gedeb, Ethiopia and is grown 2000 to 2200 meters above sea level (masl).  

For a chance to win a bag of this coffee, follow Moccamaster USA on Instagram for all the details. 

Overwinter Tuesday Brew Day Pour

Overwinter Coffee is based in western New York with locations in Buffalo, NY and Williamsville, NY. They decided to roast coffee in order to bridge the great divide that exists in the coffee industry.  

They believe in bringing amazing coffee to everyone and they don’t want it to be a secret. They do coffee differently, with the notion that different might end up better. The Blueberry is a perfect example of that philosophy. The offer various small batch coffees, subscriptions and classes on their website at 

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