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Located in Amerongen, The Netherlands, the Technivorm factory serves customers all over the world.

Continuing our Legacy

Since 1968, every Moccamaster has been individually assembled and inspected by hand in the Technivorm factory, continuing the legacy of our very first products.

Our Greatest Resource

Gerard Clement Smit believed that building a foundation of respect and creating a sense of community within the factory would imbue each Moccamaster with the craftsmanship, dedication, and passion of the individuals behind its production. We value the importance of handmade quality and promoting a culture of dignity and pride in one’s work. 

Quality of Craftsmanship

The Technivorm CEO, who has been with our company since 1964, walks the factory floor every day and fosters a relationship with each employee. The standard of quality synonymous with the name Moccamaster is a reflection of the pride our craftspeople take in their roles.

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