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Tuesday Brew Day: Kids & Cobras Coffee

  • 1 min read

For Tuesday Brew Day, we’ve brewed up some Slow Blend Coffee from Kids & Cobras Coffee on our Stone Grey KBGV Select! 

Their first signature blend, Slow Blend is well-balanced and approachable, with rich chocolatey sweetness and a hint of strawberry, ensuring a classic, timeless experience. And given the motorcycle themes, this coffee comes in a can!


Kids & Cobras was started by Sam Wake, following many long motorcycle rides on the back roads surrounding Portland, OR. With the original plan of selling apparel, Sam was offered a friend’s coffee roasting equipment and learned to roast.

What started as a small operation quickly grew into a much larger enterprise that now includes a small monthly mini magazine called The Slow Mag focused on motorcycle culture, as well as multiple wholesale accounts, an online coffee subscription club, apparel and of course, incredible small batch coffee. Their motto: Ride Fast, Drink Slow, Kids & Cobras is one of the most interesting coffee roasters you’ll find!

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