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Rojo's Roastery: Artisan Coffee Roastery

  • 1 min read

For our Post-4th of July Tuesday Brew Day we brewed up “Peru” from Rojo’s Roastery on our Pistachio KBGV Select! This light medium roast has a citrus and green grape acidity, soft grapeskin, tealike tannins with notes of orange pekoe tea, yellow plum and honey.

Fully washed, with a 19-hour wet fermentation, this coffee was dried on raised beds and arrived from Carmen Enrique Alvarez Champi, Pucamocco farm, via the Huadquiña Cooperative, Santa Teresa village in La Convención, Cusco, Peru.

Photo: Cathren Kull, Roaster at Rojo's Roastery

Established in 2005, Rojo’s Roastery is a specialty coffee roaster, cafe, and equipment importer/retailer based in downtown Princeton, New Jersey. Having set itself apart by its commitment to quality, Rojo’s has always striven to connect local and global communities through fair and responsible sourcing of high quality beans.

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