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How a Moccamaster Can Save You Money

  • 3 min read

If you’re a serious coffee drinker and have considered investing in a Moccamaster, but the price is a factor, here are some numbers to think about. 

Let’s say you buy a $5 cup of coffee every morning at your local coffee shop. If you add that up over the course of a year, that’s $1825 annually. And that’s not counting a second cup when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. Now let’s look at the price of two different Moccamaster brewers: The KBGV Select and the Moccamaster Cup-One

The KBGV Select starts at $359, depending on the color you choose. You’ll probably want to add filters and cleaning packs. If you purchase our cleaning & #4 filter bundle, it would last you about a year and cost $37.99.  Adding up the brewer, filters, and cleaning products, you will spend $397. Next, you’ll need coffee. If you go through a $13 bag of coffee beans every week, that’s a $676 annual cost. (Check out our coffee grinding guide for at home grinding). All-in, that adds up to $1073 the year you buy your Moccamaster.

That’s $752 back in your pocket by simply switching to a Moccamaster KBGV Select.

AND…you’ll enjoy up to ten cups daily of perfectly brewed, pour-over style coffee without even leaving your home! So, in addition to the financial savings, you’ll also save yourself valuable time, which is priceless. 

If you only brew a half carafe of coffee per day on the KBGV Select, the savings are even better. At a half carafe, your beans will last twice as long, and will cost you about $338 annually. With the brewer, filters and cleaner, that’s a total cost of $735. For half-carafe drinking, your savings are $1090. And it only gets better! Since Moccamasters are built to last a lifetime, you’ll never need another brewer again.

With the proper care of your Moccamaster, the savings after the first year increase to $1111 per year for full-carafe drinkers, and $1449 for half-carafe drinkers, with the only costs being coffee beans, filters and cleaning solutions – for the rest of your life! 

If you only drink one cup a day, you’d be better served with a Moccamaster Cup-One, which brews a perfect 10-ounce cup of coffee. At $250 for this coffee brewer, your savings are even more significant. You’ll still want to pick up filters and cleaning solution, which can be purchased as a bundle for $37.99 and should last you about a year. That’s $288 for the initial investment. You’ll probably use less coffee beans, so let’s say you only go through two $13 bags of beans a month now. That’s a cost of $312 annually and with the Cup-One and filter/cleaner bundle, you’re only spending $600 for that first year.

That’s $1225 in savings the first year and $1475 in savings every year thereafter by making the switch to a Moccamaster!

With the money you save you can even complete your Moccamaster experience with accessories like our stainless-steel coffee bean canister and coffee scoop, or our co-branded MiiRand Klean Kanteen travel tumblers to take your coffee on the go.

So, if you’re serious about your coffee, but you’ve not yet invested in a Moccamaster due to the cost, hopefully it’s clear that you will save money with a Moccamaster. Compared to other less expensive brewers on the market, you'll get a perfect, SCA-Certified Golden Cup of coffee every time. Plus, Moccamaster coffee brewers come with a 5-year warranty, and our on-site Service Technicians will repair any Moccamaster for the life of the brewer, so you won’t end up having to scrap your brewer for a new one in a couple of years. The only questions you should have now are: What model and what color will you pick?   


Moccamaster Savings Chart


Initial Investment

Total Cost

Savings Year 1

Annual Savings After Year 1

$5 Daily Cup at Coffee Shop 





KBGV Select (Full Carafe) w/filters, cleaner & beans





KBGV Select (Half Carafe) w/filters, cleaner & beans





Cup-One w/filters, cleaner & beans