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Tuesday Brew Day: Pegasus Coffee

  • 2 min read

Settling into the holiday season, we warmed up with a batch of Guatemala Poaquil Natural from Pegasus Coffee on our Rose Gold KBGV Select for Tuesday Brew Day.

With hints of fresh, ripe berries, marzipan and chocolate, this medium-light roast is the perfect antidote to a cold December day. This coffee is 100% direct trade, small production coffee from their partners at La Asuncion, a women-led cooperative dedicated to producing high-altitude coffees of excellent quality. There were only 250 bags made of this limited release coffee, so once it’s gone, it’s gone!  

For a chance to win a bag of this coffee follow the Moccamaster USA Instagram page for all the details.

Pegasus Coffee has a long, storied history that begins in Berkeley, CA in the 1960s. Founder David Dessinger loved his flavorful coffee as a regular at Peet’s Coffee in Berkeley, CA. Upon relocating to Bainbridge, WA in the 1970s, David was frustrated to find ‘no good local coffee’ options. He resolved to buy and roast his own beans with the help and advice of the maestro himself – Alfred Peet – who soon became his mentor. 

In December of 1979, David opened Pegasus Coffee. As their reputation for high-quality coffee spread around Seattle, WA, David ordered a bigger roasting machine and nurtured a bigger vision: to bring a classic European-style coffee house to the Pacific Northwest.

For over a decade after its inception, Pegasus Coffee continued to expand throughout the Seattle area, with a couple locations serving up delicious coffee throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Their Dexter Horton Coffee Bar proudly boasts being “Seattle’s Oldest Coffee Bar,” opening its doors in 1983.

Pegasus Coffee prides itself on their connection to coffee farmers with a 30-year relationship with the coffee growers of Ometepe – an island formed by two volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua, where they have sourced most of their coffee.

They also care as much about community as they do coffee. For over 40 years Pegasus Coffee has served the local musician and artist community, creating safe meeting spaces to share their music, art and poetry.

On their website, you can find coffee subscriptions, gear, coffee brewing tutorials, gifts and plenty of details about their extensive history. 

Visit Pegasus Coffee: