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Tuesday Brew Day: KLVN Coffee Lab

  • 1 min read

Happy first day of winter! For Tuesday Brew Day: Winter Solstice Edition, we brewed a batch of Guatemala La Encenada from KLVN Coffee Lab on our Matte White KBGV Select.

A light roasted small batch Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai varietal, this is a fruit-forward coffee, tasting of apricot, watermelon and strawberry shortcake. One of the many single origin coffee KLVN is known for, The Guatemala La Encenada is sure to bring some warmth to a cold winter day.

For a chance to win a bag of this coffee follow the Moccamaster USA Instagram page for all the details.

Named after Baron Kelvin and the first law of thermodynamics (heat energy cannot be created or destroyed), KLVN Coffee Lab sees that principle at work in coffee: a product in a state of constant flux, carried from one form to the next. 

KLVN seems to have done just that, bringing a west coast vibe to Pittsburgh, PA, with the goal to make their roastery feel like a vacation for coffee lovers in the city. Having met in the Bay area five years. ago, co-owners Jeff Sloan and Will Humphrey wanted to open a coffee shop in Humphrey’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

KLVN specializes in single-origin coffees and puts a priority on direct trade business with coffee growers. They also prioritize sourcing coffee from countries with surfable coastlines. They keep the west-coast approach to roasting alive with lighter roasts and more delicate flavors, which KLVN co-owner Jeff Sloan describes as a “fruity, prismatic essence.”

Visit KLVN Coffee Lab: