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Tuesday Brew Day: Tony's Coffee

  • 1 min read

As we continue our celebration of Earth Month, we’ve brewed some incredible "Upland" from Tony’s Coffee, who was awarded Roaster of the Year in 2021 from Roast Magazine. This organic medium-roast coffee is their flagship favorite and it’s smooth and easy to drink, with notes of milk chocolate and toasted almond.

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Founded in Bellingham, WA, Tony’s Coffee began their sustainability journey twenty years ago, when they began sourcing Organic, Fair Trade, Shade Grown coffee.

Since then, they’ve moved to 100% green power, doubled their roasting efficiency, offset their roastery’s carbon footprint with Gold Standard-certified projects in coffee-growing regions that benefit both the environment and local communities.

By 2030, they pledge to be historically carbon neutral, offsetting their entire history of carbon usage from their founding in 1971 through 2022!

For Earth Month, they are helping plant trees in Oregon, replacing those lost in the 2021 Bootleg fire.

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