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Tuesday Brew Day: Temple Coffee Roasters

  • 1 min read

For Tuesday Brew Day, we're indulging in Wonderblend from Temple Coffee Roasters from Sacramento, CA on our Matte White KBGV Select.

With a fantastic fruit-forward and juicy cup, this blend packs major flavor that develops more with each sip. With bright and tart notes of raspberry on the front and a sweet lemon curd finish, this is a blend with vibrancy and warmth.

Produced in Ethiopia at an altitude between 1800-2000 MASL, the coffee in this blend uses an experimental processing method called natural anaerobic process, which means the coffee cherries undergo fermentation without any oxygen. This is how the fruit-forward flavors come through. 

To enter to win a bag of Temple Coffee visit us on Instagram.


Temple Coffee Roasters began in Sacramento, CA with a simple vision. After returning home from a lengthy stay in Indonesia, Sean Kohmescher opened the first Temple Coffee house in 2005, to create a community gathering place like the temples he visited during his travels. 15 years later, that vision is still the central guiding principle throughout Temple's eight coffee houses and roastery. 

Their Farm to Cup coffee sourcing model embodies social, economic and environmental sustainability, paying suppliers and farms well above Fair Trade prices and prioritizing work with producers who reduce their environmental impact. 

Their roasting approach is different for each coffee, as they believe good coffee is not an accident and the best way to achieve it is to tailor the approach individually.

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