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Signal Coffee Roasters: Quality Brews from Signal Kitchen

  • 1 min read

It’s Tuesday Brew Day and we’re sipping Transmission Roaster’s Choice from Signal Coffee Roasters from our Off-White KBGV Select! This organic Mexico Chiapas has a beautiful creamy character with notes of fig, apricot and caramel.

To win a bag of coffee from Signal Coffee Roasters, join us on Instagram.

Signal Coffee Roasters started as a foray into home roasting from freelance journalist Brandon Doherty. The name of the roastery came from his passion of building tube amplifiers. He was later joined by Rebecca Brown, a portrait photographer, who added her eye for aesthetic and design to Brandon’s relentless and deep passion for coffee. Years later, Signal Coffee Roasters has grown from a humble beginning into a beloved ritual with six current varietal offerings and a flagship café in Alameda, CA.

Whether you are ordering online or visiting their café, you will find a carefully curated selection of single-origin coffee, with an emphasis on natural-process coffees. Along with their coffees, they also have brewing gear, merchandise, and an assortment of local pastries, empanadas and bagels.

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