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Form and Function Align

  • 2 min read

When designing the Moccamaster, our founder Gerard Clement Smit’s guiding principle was to engineer a machine that produced the best tasting cup of coffee possible. His research led him to collaborate with the Norwegian Coffee Association (NCA), an organization founded in 1962 dedicated to the correct way to make and brew coffee. The learnings from this partnership heavily influenced the design of the original Moccamaster 68 and would continue to influence the design of future Moccamaster brewers.  

In the early 70’s, the NCA founded the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC), an independent and professional coffee research lab. The rigorous tests of the ECBC helped Mr. Smit further dial in the design of the Moccamaster to achieve optimal results. Guided by the science behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee, every detail— from the copper heating element, to the shape of the brew basket, and everything in between— was designed to achieve maximum performance and brew the best tasting cup of coffee. To this day, Technivorm is the only company to have all of their coffee brewers awarded the coveted ECBC Seal of Approval.

While the technical achievements of the Moccamaster have gone on to gain recognition from national publications like Popular Mechanics, Mr. Smit’s eye for aesthetics is undeniably reflected in the Moccamaster’s iconic design. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Moccamaster has become known for its rectangular shape, brilliant colors, and minimalist approach to a countertop appliance ubiquitous to many kitchens. The unique color options provide consumers the ability to take an otherwise unassuming appliance and inject it with self-expression, all without sacrificing the quality of the coffee it brews. A confluence of form and function, the Moccamaster has caught the eye of design-forward consumers everywhere and has even been featured in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Design Store in New York City.