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A Moccamaster brew basket being unboxed.

Get the Most Out of Your Moccamaster

Many consumer goods are built so that if one component breaks, the entire unit must be discarded. Moccamaster coffee brewers are different; they are built to last a lifetime. Our removable parts are essential for long-term maintenance as they are easily replaceable after long-term use. We have many replacement parts available on our website, even for older Moccamaster coffee brewers that we no longer carry.

We consistently evaluate the materials we use in our coffee brewers. We believe that where we use plastics, they are the best product to use for optimal performance. Plastics do not retain heat, allowing you to maintain consistent coffee quality when brewing back-to-back. In addition to being lightweight and resistant to damage, plastics also offer more functionality than other materials and are inexpensive to replace if accidentally lost or broken.

All plastics we use are food-safe and BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate-free. These parts should only be washed with warm, soapy water and never be put in the dishwasher to retain malleability. With proper care, these quality components should last a long time.

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Yes! Our coffee brewers are built to last a lifetime. Moccamaster USA will repair your brewer even after the 5-year warranty period has ended, for a minimal fee (usually about $59). Our corporate repair facility is located in Portland, Oregon, and our technicians provide quick, thorough service. Contact our customer service team for assistance at or 855.662.2200.

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