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Travels with Moccamaster: Summer 2023

  • 6 min read

We requested travel photos featuring your Moccamaster, and you delivered! From serene beach vacations to adventurous camping excursions, your brewers clocked some serious miles to keep you caffeinated.

Our ten finalists are listed below:


10. Jim S: Matunuck Summer

Midnight Blue KBGV Select brewer sitting on an outside table in front of a beach.

We live in Connecticut but our midnight blue Moccamaster spends the summers at our beach house in Matunuck, Rhode Island. A small, quaint cottage nestled amongst a few hundred others is less than a five-minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean. Our cottage was built by my grandfather over 70 years ago. My grandmother had six sisters and two brothers, and back in the late 1940s they all pitched tents by the beach. The white canvas tents eventually became cottages and our community was born. We are a throwback to the 1950’s. Families have been here for several generations, everyone knows their neighbors, kids play in the streets and bicycles often outnumber cars on the narrow paved or dirt roads. When folks aren’t on the beach they may be surfing, fishing, barbecuing, or playing cribbage or high-low-jack. There are weekly community events such as cake walks, bingos, dances, yard sales, clam bakes, pancake breakfasts and corn hole tournaments.

While the cottages are simple and beach life casual, our standards for coffee are high. Our morning coffee time is a reflection on things that matter most in life - family, tradition, quality, simplicity and connection to nature. I purchased our Moccamaster because the design and company philosophy share these same qualities. Hearing the crashing surf and seagulls calling I feel the spirits and memories of past family and friends. The Moccamaster is not cheap, but starting each day with an outstanding cup of coffee while appreciating life, family and nature is priceless.


9. Garry M: Commercial Alaskan Fishing

A platter of fried fish sitting in front of a Moccamaster KBTS coffee brewer.

I have been a Bristol Bay, Alaska commercial fisherman and captain for forty five years, I have to tell you that my Moccamaster has never let us down. We are up all hours of the day and night and my crew and I rely on the Moccamaster to pump out the coffee to keep us going. We fished 24/7 for wild sockeye salmon and we brewed 90 pots of coffee in 35 days it’s so easy to do. Notice we have her strapped in, as the weather was rough this year and dangerous.

The beauty of the Moccamaster is we can set it and forget it, as there’s always something to take care of on a commercial F/V. We Love It.


8. Norma S: Lakeside

A Moccamaster thermal carafe and full cup of coffee, sitting on the bank of a calm lake.

I can’t believe we’ve had our Moccamaster less than a month! Our coffee is so much better now. We knew it would be a necessity for our last getaway of the summer. In the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. Our coffee is so enjoyable, that we have even started to learn how to roast our own. We figure, if it’s this flavorful in the Moccamaster, then why not up our game even further?? 

Sitting on the back porch of our rustic condo, just relaxing and drinking amazing coffee every morning of our vacation…. It doesn’t get any better than this.  If there happens to be any left in the carafe later on, it makes the best iced coffee with a bit of cream and a touch of sweetness.

For our entry, we wanted to share our favorite spot for kayaking; the Stockbridge Bowl. One of the most peaceful places to be… with some great coffee, of course!
Doesn’t everyone bring their coffee gear on vacation?


7. Lidia: Seattle Staycation

A Moccamaster CDT Grand carafe on a table in front of a lush garden of wildflowers.

There is nothing quite like a Seattle summer! The sunshine hangs around way past most little ones’ bedtimes, the sailboats dance in the sparkling waters of Lake Union, and the sweet fragrance of lavender and ripe blackberries fill the air—so a staycation for any Seattlite is an easy choice!

My staycation always begins with a flip of a switch—on my Moccamaster, of course. A perfectly brewed hot cup of coffee and a book is the soft life of my dreams—-sip, read, turn page, repeat. Thanks to the Moccamaster thermal carafe, soaking up the sun is uninterrupted because the refills are on deck! Literally.


6. Chad D: Myanmar

A Moccamaster CDGT coffee brewer sitting outside in front of a Myanmar pagoda.  A Moccamaster coffee brewer shot from a balcony, overlooking a Myanmar temple.

Frequent travelers know simple things, a cherished family photo or a familiar cup of coffee, can restore a traveler’s sense of self and purpose.  I am not a tourist, but I am a temporary worker in Myanmar who traveled from Vermont to support a return to a civilian, federal, democratic government from a violent military regime.

Not to sound flippant, but my coffee routine helps me start my day with energy and purpose.  My coffee maker has traveled with me to multiple continents since its purchase ten years ago.  We have a symbiotic relationship.  I clean it as instructed, provide it with clean water as well as fresh ground beans and in return it always gives me with a damn fine cup of coffee.

I’ve tried other methods, pour over and French press specifically, but I always return to my Moccamaster for consistency and ease.  My coffee routine makes me optimistic about Myanmar’s future.  Any country that can grow high quality coffee deserves a peaceful, prosperous future.


5. Rachel D: Picturesque Michigan

A Moccamaster brewer with thermal carafe sitting outside on a garden table in front of dark pink flowers.

Vacation presents an opportunity to slow the pace of life and rest, recharge, and ultimately recenter. It is a chance to breathe deeply and immerse in simple pleasures. My travels this summer to the Leelanau Peninsula of northern Michigan included hours spent hiking in picturesque forests, combing white sandy beaches for Petoskey stones, and exploring quaint historical villages along the lakeshore. My most relished moments, however, took place in the early mornings of each day. Why? Because the only thing better than the adventure itself is the anticipation thereof.

Crawling out of bed in the darkness, I quietly unload my meticulously packed Moccamaster brewer so as not to awaken others. During the brew cycle, I gather the sugar and creamer necessary to complete my perfect cup. With the alluring scent of Michigan-roasted coffee beans wafting through the cottage, I carefully fill a mug as I watch the steam escape into the air. Next, I settle into a cozy nook swing on the front porch. Anticipation consumes me and I relish my first sip against the backdrop of a gradually awakening forest. Time slows down, and birds begin to chirp as the trees slowly illuminate around me. Every sip I savor, as I absorb the peace of my surroundings in quiet anticipation of the adventures to come. Deliriously contented with my coffee mug in hand, I lean back into the cushions and greet the dawn of a new day.


4. Mark P: Maine Roadtrip

A Moccamaster coffee brewer sits outside in front of a white lighthouse.  A man holding a Moccamaster coffee brewer in front of a sign that reads Welcome to Boothbay

We have been Moccamaster owners for over 10 years. Two years ago we decided to purchase a second one and keep it all packed up for our road trips. We are presently on our yearly Florida to Maine summer trip and as you can see we have our Moccamaster. We value our precious vacation time too much to spend it in the drive through line paying too much for an average cup of coffee. Our Moccamaster makes a perfect cup of coffee every time. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their vacation time as much as we are. 



The top three winners will each receive a Moccamaster KM5 Burr Grinder:


3. Harald & Joy R: North Carolina Beach

A Moccamaster coffee brewer sitting on a weatherworn fence overlooking a beach.

For many years the two of us have spent a vacation week or two at the same beach in North Carolina. We always rented a house directly on the ocean. When the kids were young, one of our great pleasures was to get up before them (they were exhausted anyway, from playing in the water the previous day) and enjoy the sunrise over the ocean with a cup of coffee while discussing the important things that couples need but never normally have time for. Coffee made with the typical cheap coffee machines found on the counters in the kitchen was a disappointment.

Six months ago we bought our first Moccamaster and have loved the coffee it makes so much that we brought it with us to the beach.

It makes the pleasure of sharing the sunrise, coffee and conversation just that much better.


2. @drywallbydesign: Coast to Coast 


1. @ruralpunk: Bare Necessities


We truly enjoyed viewing your photos and reading your stories! To show our appreciation, every contest participant will receive our soon-to-be-released Moccamaster Klean Kanteen TKWide insulated bottle.

Happy caffeinated travels to everyone!


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