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Brewer Cleaning: Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Moccamaster Coffee Brewer

  • 2 min read

Keeping your Moccamaster coffee brewer clean is essential for maintaining its performance and ensuring the best-tasting coffee. Cleaning your brewer helps remove organic materials and coffee oil buildup, ensuring a clean and fresh brewing environment. We recommend using Urnex Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder or BioCaf cleaners. You can clean your brewer at whatever frequency you’d like. 

Woman's hand hovers over two of the recommended cleaning products for the brewer.


Step 1: Dissolve the cleaning powder into 32 ounces of warm water in a separate container.

 Woman pouring packet of cleaning powder into a water jug.

Dissolve the powder into the water. Always use a separate container for this step, and make sure you stir well to dissolve all the powder. Do not add the powder directly to your water reservoir – you risk clogging your heating element. Never put hot water in your brewer. If you use hot water to dissolve the powder, wait until it cools to pour into your machine. 


Step 2: Pour the solution into the water reservoir.

Woman pours water from a water jug into the water reservoir

Once the powder is dissolved, add the solution to your water reservoir. 

If you own a Cup-One coffee brewer, you'll still use the full amount of cleaning powder, even though it brews less coffee. Simply pour it through in stages until it’s gone.


Step 3: Run the brew cycle.

 Close up shot of the water with cleaning powder mixed in as the brewer starts to run

Run the brew cycle as if you were brewing coffee— you do not need to add a filter to your brew basket.


Step 4: Discard the solution from the carafe.

 Close up shot of hot water starting to fill a glass carafe of the brewer.

Once the cycle is complete, discard the solution in your carafe. 


Step 5: Rinse the brewer by running three cycles of clean water through it.

You’ll do this to fully rinse the solution and complete yourcleaning process.


Optional Cleaning Tip for Thermal Carafes: 

 Close up shot of the coffee stained interior of a thermal carafe.

If your thermal carafe has built-up coffee residue, use electric dishwasher detergent to clean it. Add a squirt or scoop of dishwasher detergent to the carafe hot water. Swirl the mixture and leave it to soak overnight. In the morning, pour out the solution, rinse the carafe thoroughly, and it should be clean. If there's still lingering residue, repeat these steps again until it's completely removed.


Cleaning Removable Parts:

Clean the removable parts of your Moccamaster brewer by rinsing them with dish soap and water. It's recommended not to place components in the dishwasher as the high heat can make them brittle. Wipe down your brewer with a soft cloth to remove any residue. Hand-wash the carafe and brew basket with mild dishwashing detergent and rinse thoroughly after each use.


A Note About Your Water Reservoir:

If you’re regularly filling your water reservoir using your carafe, you’re inadvertently transferring coffee oils back into your brewer, which can lead to a filmy build-up in the reservoir. Therefore, we always recommend using a separate pitcher to fill your water reservoir. 


Watch our full cleaning and descaling video here, and find the supplies you need below!