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Get to Know Christina Nicci: The Intersection of Coffee and Nutrition

  • 3 min read

Christina Nicci is a NASM certified trainer and nutrition coach who believes in an all-natural approach to wellness and cooking techniques. Coffee is part of her regular day, and her favorite brewer is the Moccamaster, which you can see each month on her Amazon live cooking shows. We spoke with Christina recently to learn more about how coffee and Moccamaster play a role in her daily life.

Which Moccamaster brewer is your favorite and why?

My favorite Moccamaster is the KBGV Select. I love that the machine optimizes everything either for a half carafe or a whole carafe, in order to make that Golden Cup Standard, perfect cup of coffee. The choice of colors are beautiful, so it also looks like a work of art in your kitchen.

What are your favorite aspects of the Moccamaster?

My absolute favorite aspect of the Moccamaster is the quality of coffee that it brews, but I also appreciate the build quality of these machines. Being handmade really says a lot to me.

How much coffee do you drink daily?

The amount of coffee I drink can vary. I usually have about two 8oz cups per day. However, there are certain days where I need an extra boost of energy and clarity. That's when I'll add an extra cup.

What’s the most important factor in making a great cup coffee?

The most important factor is not only having a coffee brewer like the Moccamaster, to have the ability to brew the highest quality of coffee, but also having high quality, freshly roasted beans.

How does someone improve their coffee tasting abilities?

I always tell people to try the coffee with no additives, first. Black coffee, no sugar, no cream. Trying the coffee without any additives creates a better coffee tasting experience. There is nothing to hide the unique notes that each bean can have.

What is your first memory of drinking coffee? Did you like it?

My very first memory of drinking coffee was when I was very young. My grandmother would drink coffee every morning, and she gave me a sip. I must have been younger than 10-years-old. I remember the strong, unique flavor that I was not prepared for, but it was a such a positive and great memory. I believe it drew me back to coffee as I got older. I will never forget that memory with my grandmother.

What is your favorite thing about coffee?

I always start my day with coffee. I prefer a plain, black cup of coffee every morning, sitting down, taking time to enjoy it. I most certainly enjoy the smell of the coffee brewing in the kitchen, the taste and the alertness I get from it.

Light, medium or dark roast?

I love a great dark roast on occasion but I prefer a medium roast as my daily coffee choice.

Where do you think the best coffee in the world come from?

Wow, there are so many great origins, but I would have to say Hawaii! I visited the island of Kauai and I ended up coming back to the mainland with 20 pounds of coffee beans! I think it has something to do with there soil and location. It is absolutely amazing!


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