Brewing The Gold Cup of Coffee

A clean, crisp and flavorful, fully infused cup of coffee is the result of the mastery of the brewing process.

Perfect Grind
& Formula

Before the all-important brew method, The Gold Cup of coffee starts with fresh water, quality beans, consistent grind, and correct grounds-to-water formula for a flavorful
and complex brew.

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Perfect Water Temperature for Brewing

A brewing temperature of 196° - 205° F is necessary to release coffee solubles essential for a flavorful and complex coffee. Moccamaster's copper boiling element ensures a consistent and precise water temperature throughout the entire brew process.

Saturation Time

An optimal pulse-drip method allows for the perfect coffee bloom and saturation time, extracting coffee solubles to maximize complexity, flavor, and aroma.

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Perfect Turbulence

The force of water dripping from the outlet arm and shape of the brew basket have all been designed
to create the perfect amount of agitation of water and grounds resulting in a coffee
bloom that brings the flavor profile of beans to life.

Perfect Coffee Holding Temperature

Whether it’s a thermal carafe or a hot-plate, the ECBC and SCA certified holding temperature is between 175° - 185° F. Moccamaster's hot-plate technology is designed with a unique, independent heating element which holds coffee in the proper temperature range while never burning.

Perfection in Your Cup

The flavor of brewed coffee is determined by how many solubles are extracted during the brewing process. This is measured by the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) coffee to water ratio. Moccamaster brewers produce the perfect TDS yield of 18% to 22%, as required by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, meeting and exceeding the Gold Cup Standard.


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