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The Pros of Our Plastics

  • 2 min read

Plastic. For some people, that’s a four-letter word, and for good reason. So we aren’t surprised when customers ask why we choose plastic for some of our components. The answer is complex, but the bottom line is that the plastics we use are the best material for the best-tasting coffee. Let us explain:  

Consistent Cups, Brew After Brew 

Temperature is a primary factor in brewing, so you don't want it to vary. Other materials, like glass and metal, retain heat, which means your brewer would need to cool down completely between brews to achieve reliable results. Our plastics do not create this unwanted variable, so invite some friends over and keep the coffee brewing! 

Lighter Weight, Better Shipping 

Plastics weigh less than other materials, which means they are shipped more efficiently. We are able to cut down on the price you pay and reduce our environmental impact, thanks to the plastics we use. 

Form and Function 

Plastics are resistant to damage, and in a high-traffic environment like a kitchen, durability goes a long way, for a long time. It also allows for special functionality that other materials do not, like the automatic drip stopper on the brew basket, which prevents spills when the carafe is removed. And should one of our parts ever fall victim to an unfortunate accident, you can simply replace that part to add to your brewer’s longevity and sustainability. 

None of the Scary Stuff 

Moccamaster plastics do not contain bisphenols (BPA, BPF, BPS) or phthalates, which have been associated with cancer and hormonal changes. Ironically, these potentially unhealthy additives are what give other plastics a more premium look and feel. So, while Moccamaster plastics may appear to be of lesser quality, they are actually some of the highest level food- and beverage-safe plastics available.  

Higher Standards Than Industry Standard 

Our brewers are handmade in the Netherlands and meet all chemical regulations. The Dutch regulations are significantly more stringent than those in the United States, especially for plastics that come into contact with food and drink.  

One more question we’re often asked – what does the No. 7 recycling code indicate? This code is a catch-all for a mixture of different plastics that do not have their own specific recycling symbols, which is the case for some of the plastics we use.

Now that you know the ins-and-outs of Moccamaster plastics, we hope you can sit back and enjoy the best brewing experience with the safest, highest performing materials. And if you ever want to dive deeper into our plastics, simply reach out to us. We know that peace of mind is an important part of enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.