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Hello, Beetroot

  • 1 min read

In partnership with KitchenAid®, we are excited to announce the launch of our KBGV Select coffee brewer in Beetroot – the KitchenAid® 2022 Color of the Year. A rich magenta with an energizing and uplifting hue, Beetroot celebrates the vibrancy found in making the most of everyday moments. Although coffee is often familiar and routine, an extraordinary cup of coffee can shift your whole perspective.

Much like the hidden vibrance of Beetroot, Moccamaster coffee brewers transform something that seems ordinary into an unexpected and delightful experience. KitchenAid® and Moccamaster both carry an enduring legacy and a reputation of quality – and both create new possibilities of exploration and experimentation in the kitchen.

– Kathleen Bauer, CEO of Moccamaster USA

When you use a Moccamaster coffee brewer for the first time, you discover an unexpected twist on the familiar, enhancing coffee in a way you’d never considered. You experience the real taste of coffee – unveiling the flavors of the coffee’s origin and the roaster’s work to extract those delicious notes. When brewing on a Moccamaster, your morning routine quickly becomes your morning ritual.

Beetroot inspires new twists on the familiar. Staying true to the color’s inspiration, we introduced the first KitchenAid® Color of the Year partnership with the iconic Moccamaster brand. As brands, we share the same values of form, function, and the power of color to inspire makers in the kitchen and beyond.

– Carley Smith, senior marketing manager for KitchenAid®

The Moccamaster KBGV Select in Beetroot is available for pre-order at To purchase from, sign up here to receive a notification when it’s available.