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Cleaning a Coffee Grinder: How to Clean Your KM5 Burr Grinder

  • 2 min read

Keeping your KM5 burr grinder clean is essential for maintaining its performance and longevity. We recommend cleaning the inside of your grinder every 3-6 months, depending on the type of coffee you're using and how frequently you grind. Darker roasts contain more oil and can stick to the grinder's interior, making it necessary to clean more frequently. Failing to clean the grinder regularly can negatively affect the flavor of your coffee.

To clean the inside of your grinder, you can either use a specialized coffee grinder cleaning product like Urnex Grindz or disassemble it and clean it manually. This step-by-step article will guide you through the manual cleaning process.


Step 1: Unplug the Grinder 

A close up of the unplugged plug of the KM5 Burr Grinder

Before disassembling the grinder, make sure it is unplugged from the power outlet to minimize the risk of electric shock or personal injury.


Step 2: Empty the Bean Hopper 

Empty the bean hopper before beginning the disassembly process. First, remove the glass grounds container, then carefully pour out the contents of the hopper. Transfer the remaining beans to an airtight container or dispose of them.


Step 3: Remove the Bean Hopper 

The exposed inside of the bean hopper of the KM5 Burr Grinder, shown from above.

Hands use a screwdriver to unscrew the single screw in the KM5 Burr Grinder hopper.

Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the screw that secures the bean hopper to the grinder. Loosen the screw to a point where the hopper can be safely removed while keeping the screw inside the hopper for safekeeping.


Step 4: Remove the Maintenance Lid

Hands pointing to the tabs securing the Maintenance Lid to the KM5 Burr Grinder.

Hands lifting up and removing the Maintenance Lid from the KM5 Burr Grinder

Removing the bean hopper from the grinder will reveal the Maintenance Lid, which covers the burr chamber. The lid is secured to the grinder with two tabs that you will push towards the back of the grinder, then lift up to remove.


Step 5: Remove the Upper Burr Carrier 

A detail shot of the top KM5 Burr Grinder burr carriage inside of the machine.

A hand uses a screwdriver to unscrew the upper burr carriage in the KM5 Burr Grinder.

A hand displays the underside of the upper burr carriage of the KM5 Burr Grinder, which has been unscrewed and removed from the grinder.

Next, you'll see the upper burr carrier, which resembles a steel disk and is secured to the grinder with three screws. Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove the screws, and place them in a safe spot like the bean hopper. After removing the screws, gently lift the upper burr carrier off the grinder.


Step 6: Clean the Grinding Chamber 

Hands display a small, soft grinder brush, similar to a small paintbrush for artistic painting.

Hands use a small, soft grinder brush to brush away coffee grounds from the inside of the burr chamber.

You're now able to see inside the grinding chamber. Use a soft brush to gently sweep away any coffee grounds or beans that are present. For a more thorough cleaning, you may also utilize a vacuum cleaner to remove any residual debris.


Step 7: Reassemble the Grinder 

Reverse the above steps to reassemble the grinder. Take care not to overtighten the screws when reattaching the upper burr carrier and hopper. Keep in mind that the hopper should have some back-and-forth movement when properly attached rather than being completely immobile.