Thermal Carafe 1.25L

Model: 59861

This Stainless Steel Thermal carafe is for the KBT, KBGT, CDT, and CDGT Moccamaster brewers and holds 1.25 liters, or 40 oz of coffee. The carafe also comes with a travel lid and brew thru lid.

Product Features
  • Stainless steel Thermal Carafe keeps coffee hot up to an hour.

  • The Brew-Thru Lid is engineered to allow coffee to drip into the carafe during the brew cycle and minimize heat loss while holding the coffee. The lid is also a pouring lid, so there is no need to take it off or loosen it to pour coffee. For this reason, if properly used, your coffee will stay warm for up to an hour.

  • The Travel Lid is for keeping coffee hot for longer than an hour or for hitting the road with your carafe full of coffee. The travel lid is also a pour through style, but you need to loosen it by a quarter to a half a turn to expose the pour spouts. After pouring, retighten to keep the coffee warm and to make it spill proof.

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