Quality by Design

Residing at the intersection of aesthetic elegance and perfection of function, Moccamaster has designed down to the smallest detail to produce brewers that provide the user with the Gold Cup of Coffee. With a quality of excellence and innovation, the timeless design has made Moccamaster an icon that will remain for generations.


Guided by a passion for good tasting coffee and a spirit of innovation, Dutch industrial designer and engineer Gerard C. Smit set out to design a coffee brewer that consistently made the Gold Cup of Coffee. Since 1968, Moccamaster brewers are handmade and tested in the heart of the Netherlands, ensuring the legacy of Gerard C. Smit is reflected in every Moccamaster brewer enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Combining the best

Moccamaster brewers have revolutionized the coffee world by effortlessly melding design with function; quality with sustainability to provide a coffee experience unlike anything else.

The only one

The history of the Moccamaster begins with Gerard-Clement Smit, an industrial designer with a passion for quality and ingenuity. In 1964 he founded the company Technivorm. In 1967, the factory moved to Amerongen, where Gerard built a factory hall behind his old home. In 1968, Gerard’s legacy of reliable and sustainable coffee brewers began with the release of the first Moccamaster. Styles and trends have changed over time, but Moccamaster brewers continue to set the benchmark for perfectly brewed coffee.

Coffee masters

Founder, Gerard C. Smit’s, philosophy to produce long-lasting, reliable, energy efficient, and sustainable products has guided the handmade production of every Moccamaster. With 50 years of experience and having all products approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre, Moccamaster brewers are the perfect choice for brewing the 'Gold Cup' of coffee.

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