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Get to Know Courtney, Consumer Relations Manager for Moccamaster

  • 3 min read


You’ve seen her in our “Ask Moccamaster” video series, where she answers your most asked questions about brewing coffee with your Moccamaster. And you may have even emailed or talked with her if you’ve contacted our Consumer Relations Team. Now get to know a little bit more about Courtney, our Consumer Relations Manager!

    1. Which Moccamaster brewer is your favorite and why? 
      I'd have to say the KB. Not only is it the brewer I've used and loved at home for 13 years, but I feel like it's a great all-around brewer! Mine is a limited-edition lipstick red color, and I love it! It does feel a little like I'm cheating on it when I start checking out all the beautiful new colors of the KBGV Select. They're pretty eye-catching, but I'm a one brewer kind of gal. 

    2. What are your favorite aspects of the Moccamaster? 
      I love that we provide repair options! Sometimes your brewer just needs a little tune-up to continue looking and performing its best (just like we all do). If something breaks, you don't have to get rid of your brewer and buy a new one; it can be fixed instead. I also love that we sell individual replacement parts. Sometimes my Brew Basket Lid wanders off on its own, and it's nice that I can get just the Lid by itself (or any other part that wanders off or breaks). 

    3. How much coffee do you drink daily? 
      It depends on my mood and the weather. I definitely drink more coffee when it's cold. But for the safety of those around me, I need some form of caffeine every day! At least one large cup in the morning, and it's healthy according to the latest reports. But sometimes that's in the form of hot tea, iced tea, or latte. 

    4. What’s the most important factor in making a great cup of coffee? 
      That's a difficult question because I don't feel there is a single answer. Making a great cup of coffee is kind of a team effort, in my opinion. Obviously, a fantastic brewer (like a Moccamaster) is a must, but freshly ground delicious coffee is very important, and things such as the kind of water you choose, which type of filter you select, and how clean your brewer is all play a huge role. 

    5. What are your top 3 favorite coffee roasters? 
      I'm not particularly brand loyal when it comes to coffee. I love to try new roasts and varied coffee varietals or country single origins. We're always brewing something fun here at the Moccamaster offices. I've been a big fan of coffee subscription services, like Trade Coffee Company since they send you a new bag of coffee each month. However, my all-time favorite has got to be Stumptown's Holler Mountain. 

    6. How does someone improve their coffee tasting abilities? 
      Traveling and learning from those that know more than you are two of my favorite ways to improve. I'm lucky to work with some incredibly knowledgeable individuals at Moccamaster that have helped with my coffee education. Trying coffee in a group and hearing how other people describe what they're tasting has been eye-opening for me. I'm still a work in progress, but it's fun (and tasty) to gain more knowledge! 

    7. What’s the biggest misconception people have about coffee? 
      That you can only get fantastic coffee from a coffee shop and it has to be expensive. My Moccamaster has ruined me (in a good way) from ordering coffee at restaurants, and, in many cases, coffee shops, since I know I can brew something much tastier at home. I've been happily spoiled for many years thanks to my red KB.