The 7 Best Coffee Makers To Buy in 2017 - The Spruce

The humble coffee maker is any coffee-lovers best friend, so it's important to find just the right model and style for the type of brew you love. Whether you like a strong single cup, or brew batch after batch all day long, having the right tools for the job will keep you perfectly caffeinated. From automatic brewers to pour over devices, there’s a coffee maker for everyone. We took a look at the options on the market right now, and selected the seven best models. You can’t go wrong with one of these coffee machines.

If it's possible to have a crush on your coffee maker, then prepare to fall in love with this beautiful, sleek machine. One of only a handful of automatic home brewers that meet the Specialty Coffee Association of America's standards for proper coffee extraction, the Moccamaster is a perennial favorite for professionals and coffee geeks alike. The Specialty Coffee Association dictates that coffee be extracted properly and brewed to a particular strength to optimize flavor; these parameters can only be achieved by meeting three criteria: brewing with hot-enough water, an even distribution of the water over the coffee grounds, and the perfect length of brew time—all of which the Moccamaster is designed to do.

Its copper heating element ensures proper brewing temperature, its brewing spray-head design promises even extraction, and its gorgeous overall design is actually something worth getting out of bed for. Available in different colors and a variety of sizes, the Moccamaster also has a hot plate for keeping brewed coffee drinkable, and is programed to gently "pulse" the heat on the warmer rather than hit the brew full-blast, like other makers do.

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