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The irony of making great at-home coffee is that most of us need to have had our morning coffee before we possess the faculties to make a good pot of coffee. Unless you relish the process of grinding beans, weighing beans, boiling water, not messing up the water temperature, preparing a filter, and cleaning up after yourself—and I do, kind of, sometimes, on the weekend—even the best coffee maker eventually loses out to handing $3 to a barista. This applies even more so if you’re just making a lone cup for yourself (and less so if you're perfectly content with Folgers, pods, or anything that kinda resembles coffee).

The Experts Drip: Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 - If you're after the European best coffee maker, the Moccamaster is the answer. I came across the Netherlands brand after seeing nerdy coffee website after nerdy coffee website hype it up, and somehow, it lived up to the nerdy coffee hype: it hits the perfect temperature, quickly brews a perfect pot, and the carafe does a commendable job of keeping extra cups hot. Anecdotally, I could not screw up with this thing. In a category where aesthetics are on the back burner, it actually looks pretty cool (a little laboratory-esque, but cool). It costs more—and you'll need your own grinder—but with a five-year warranty, it's an investment worth considering.

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